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This program has helped my son develop confidence, follow instruction and open up around new kids. When we first started, I remember coach Danny telling me not to worry he would come around and he was right. Three classes into it he was waving bye to me while running to the magic wall. He asks me everyday when do I get to see coach Danny.

Coach Danny and Coach Elle are AMAZING!!!. They are both so patient with the kids, they make it so much fun for them and are great influences.

Diane Labao-Cardoso, Toronto West January 2015
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for all your hard work and dedication! Ryan used to always be quite difficult to adapt to changes but every week he surprises us by learning new things at soccer and practicing at home with his uncle and grandad!! His confidence is growing and he's doing great!!
Thanks again

Laura, Oct 2014
My husband and I are so happy to have found Little Kickers in Milton. I remembered seeing an advertisement on a bus in the York region (where we used to live) and decided on a whim to check if they had such a thing in Milton. We had just moved and were looking for an activity for our son, and a way to connect with other parents in our new community. We LOVED finding out that it was not only offered in Milton, but had a location in our actual neighbourhood. Vivijana was amazing at setting up our son at the last minute so he wouldn't miss a class, and when my husband showed up with him, Coach V was expecting him and even had an awesome tiny uniform waiting for him! My little one is only 20 months, full of energy, but not a great listener yet and Coach V handles him (as well as all the other little kickers under 2.5) without breaking a sweat. Our son absolutely loves being at little kickers and playing with Coach V because he gives him (and all the other kids) so much individualized attention. The kids do so many different activities and always keep moving. Coach V and his helpers are SO positive and encouraging and super understanding when the little kickers are off in their own world (sometimes) running in the opposite direction. It's so difficult finding activities for kids my sons age, we really want to do things with him when we are home on weekends and LK Milton has been a great way to start off our Saturdays. Our son is so excited eating breakfast Saturday morning yelling out "SOCCER" and "GOAL"! We will definitely be continuing him in this program for the long run.

Emily C, Milton, Oct 2014
We signed up our daughter who is three with Little Kickers. Being her first sports experience we were concerned as parents that she would feel welcome and part of the team. Our daughter tends to be quite shy in new environments. To say the least, Coach Chris and Coach Sabrina not only remembered her name but made her feel special each and every practice. From greeting her, to high fives, to ending each practice with stickers, the children relished their time. Thank you Little Kickers for making my daughters first sports team a magical experience. And of course, thank you for making two parents extremely happy.
Thanks Again

Adrijana & Maurice (Mississauga-Streetsville location), Oct 2014
We were referred to Little Kickers through a friend and could not be more pleased! Our son loves soccer and is getting better each week! Coach V and coach Viv are so patient, kind and amazing with our little one! They truely are amazing at what they do. Each child is given undivided attention and they are praised for all their little accomplishments! We look forward to soccer each week! Congrats to an amazing organization and superior coaches!

Christina B-B (Milton), October 2014
We love Little Kickers because... soccer lessons are the highlights of our daughters' weeks. Our older daughter has blossomed with confidence through her lessons and loves to pretend that she is Coach Sylvia, and Little Kickers providers our younger daughter with a much-needed outlet for her boundless energy.

Polly, October 2014
We love Little Kickers because our son Sean beams with pride every time he gets to wear his Little Kickers uniform and be part of a team dynamic. The development of his soccer skills is evident week to week and he loves the enthusiasm and energy the coaches bring to each and every session, enrolling Sean in Little Kickers has been a great decision.

George Taylor, Beaches
Hi Brian, I was mucho, mucho impressed with your program on the weekend and will sign up for sure today. I don't have access to internet at home. Dylan loved the experience - the first organized program he has been in. As a recreationist myself, I loved how you upheld all of the important principles of play and quality programming from beginning to end! Sharing names, high low activities, creativity, repeating instructions, showing by example, being fun and silly, letting parents help and having a closing circle. Excellent customer service all around. Thank you so much for all of your attention to these important details. Sadly, many of these components have been missing in the programs we have taken our older child to. Bravo to you and your team. I have recommended the program to our neighbours already!

Stacey Green Niagara
Our granddaughter Ayva-Rae is almost 2 and she loves the Little Kickers kids soccer classes. We just mention it and she says "ball" and heads for her coat. She loves coach Brian and also loves getting her high fives at the end of a successful drill. Her favourite part of the day is the sharing ball, an awesome idea by the way, to which she parks herself next to the coach so she can be first. Receiving the ball makes her very happy, giving it up not so much. But she is learning to share and learning some manners. This program is not just about soccer its also about learning social skills. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jeff & Lorraine Thorold, ON
"Little Kickers provides opportunities for youngsters to build skills on so many levels. As a parent I signed up my two-year-old daughter so that she would benefit from physical activity and social interaction, but; as an educator, I am thrilled with the exposure to manners, listening skills and following directions, locomotor movement, and preschool preparation lessons all while she is overcoming fears and gaining more and more confidence each week. A worth while experience!"

Anita, Fonthill Junior Kickers Customer 2012
Thank you so much for the very WONDERFUL experience of having our son Josh enrolled with Little Kickers. We highly recommend your program to others. My husband and I are teachers and there were so many things that impressed us regarding the coaches' interaction with the children and the structuring of the program.

Parent - Whitby, ON
We are so pleased with the enthusiasm of the coaches, and quality of instruction at Little Kickers. Our son has enjoyed playing soccer and looks forward to it weekly.

Parents of James - Whitby
Kalan is 3 1/2 years old. After seeing a demonstration for Little Kickers at a local indoor play centre, Kalan wanted to sign up. He clearly loves his lessons! He's a very active little boy so this is a great outlet for all of that energy! I love to watch him partipate and see him so happy. As a parent, I like that these soccer lessons are not about just going out and playing soccer games; these lessons are about listening, group play (social skills), focused energy, learning soccer skills (that also help promote both fine and gross motor skill development), and most of all, these lessons are about having fun and playing together! I'm so happy that I had signed Kalan up! This is a fantastic soccer club!

Rebecca Skean - Whitby, ON
Little Kickers has given a different type of environment for children to learn how to pay attention and follow command from the coaches. My son has developed that kind of skill and he could apply it at home and to school too.

Manna, Chun Yeung's mom - Richmond Hill, ON.
So glad I joined my 3 and a half year old daughter Sydney up for this class. It's her first experience with something like this. She just had her first lesson and loved it. She won't stop talking about how she scored a goal and how she listened to Coach Ryan. She asked if we could go back the very next morning and refused to wear anything but that uniform for practically the rest of the weekend. She can't wait until next time. I must say the staff are very personable with the kids and make them feel like little soccer super stars right from the get go!! Really glad I found this place.

Jennifer Robbescheuten - Whitby, ON.
Coach Ryan made my 2 1/2 year old twins first class FANTASTIC! He is warm, kind and energetic. My children responded to him as if he was a member of our family! They both wore their new jerseys to bed and saved some of ice cream for him, just in case he was going to visit. The 45 minute lesson is engaging, active and educational. Toddlers in Junior Kickers are developing many skills in every lesson: gross motor, listening, socialization, colour identification, flexibility etc, etc... Finding a sport program for children under 3 has been challenging in our area. We are thrilled to have found Little Kickers! Thank You,

Jinger F. - Richmond Hill, Ontario
The Little Kickers program is fantastic because it is social, structured play, and leaves Evelyn happy, physically exhausted and hungry. After a class she insists on wearing the jersey until bedtime!

Evelyn's Dad - Toronto, Ontario
I believe that Little Kickers has given both my sons a great start in life. They have adored going to practice and practicing, helping them to develop fantastic motor skills that I envy. It also brings them confidence and listening skills; joy and exercise. I was thrilled to find Little Kickers in London and when we moved to Canada two months ago, I was ecstatic to find that Little Kickers has started here. It has made our transition to Canada very easeful and continues to support the enriched environment I aim to deliver to my children.

Arlo's mom, Toronto
"That is Coach Roy's field. He's the man!" This is said everytime we drive by the soccer field. Yes, our son loves Coach Roy.

Parent - Etobicoke
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