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Details of the courses at this venue are given below. Click here for class information and FAQ's. If you would like further information on the courses or availability please call us on our Hotline: 416-826-9026 or Email

ON - Oakville - Maple Grove United Church - INDOOR -
Oakville - Maple Grove United Church, 346 Maple Grove Dr. - INDOOR SAT AM (continuous enrollment available year-round - start any time) - or - THU PM session: Call for details ---

Little Kicks Classes - 1½ - 2½ yrs

Day & TimeAvailabilityDatesSessions/Price
9.00 - 9.45am
Call for detailsRolling Enrolment12 Sessions - $185.00+$35.00*
6 Sessions - $100.00+$35.00*

Junior Kickers Classes - 2½ - 3½ yrs

Day & TimeAvailabilityDatesSessions/Price
9.50 - 10.35am
AvailableRolling Enrolment12 Sessions - $185.00+$35.00*
6 Sessions - $100.00+$35.00*

Mighty Kickers Classes - 3½ - 5th b'day

Day & TimeAvailabilityDatesSessions/Price
10.45 - 11.30am
AvailableRolling Enrolment12 Sessions - $185.00+$35.00*
6 Sessions - $100.00+$35.00*

Mega Kickers Classes - 5 - 7th birthday

Day & TimeAvailabilityDatesSessions/Price
11.40 - 12.30pm
AvailableRolling Enrolment12 Sessions - $185.00+$35.00*
6 Sessions - $100.00+$35.00*

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*New members will be charged a one off membership fee of $35.00. Your membership fee gives you a Little Kickers soccer uniform and priority re-enrolment.

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Class information & FAQ's

Serving Milton, Oakville, Halton Hills (Georgetown) and West/SW Mississauga.


- NEW Junior Kickers class starting on July 21st at WH Morden field - 8 weeks of outdoor soccer excluding the long weekends.

- Two OUTDOOR locations in Oakville: Sainte-Trinite school field (2600 Grand Oak Trail) and WH Morden field (Morden Rd and Rebecca St). If the website indicates "Call for details", that class is currently full.

- INDOOR season - resuming in the Fall, pre-register by placing your child on the waiting list (St. Paul's, Maple Grove and First United locations).


- ROLLING ENROLLMENT - (With the exception of Sainte-Trinite location) - These classes run year-round and you can enroll any time - for immediate start where space is available (refer to "Availability" next to course Day and Time info). Continuous re-enrollment is available throughout the year. These classes will be moving indoors in September (exact dates are location-specific).

- SET COURSE - These classes have a set start and end date. You can enroll any time if space is still available. The course fees are automatically prorated based on the number of sessions left on the course - stated course fees are current as of today's date.

- If "Waitlist" is the only clickable choice on the website, the class is currently full or we are pre-registering children for the indoor season - please place your child on the waiting list and we will contact you when a spot opens.

- Your child's course START and END date will be specified on the Enrollment Confirmation (you will receive it by email at the point of enrolling your child). We run classes regardless of attendance, and are UNABLE TO PROVIDE ANY MAKE UP CLASSES.

- Classes run EVERY WEEK unless we have informed you otherwise. Occasionally a class may have to be cancelled at short notice and we will need to get in touch, so please ensure we have an up to date email address and regularly check our Facebook page for updates.

We will inform you if your venue is not available on specific dates in a separate email.
ALL sessions will pause from Dec 22nd 2018 to Jan 6th 2019, inclusive.
NOTE: All planned closures are factored in your course dates so no classes will be lost!

- UNIFORMS (LK jersey and shorts) for NEW/first time KICKERS are included in the one-time Registration/Membership Fee, and provided on the FIRST DAY of your child's course.
***Returning Kickers - please reuse the uniform or, if your child requires a new uniform, please check "Purchase new uniform" box when enrolling online.

**INDOOR - Running shoes are required (indoor soccer shoes and shin guards are optional; NO cleats indoors)
**OUTDOOR - Running shoes or outdoor soccer shoes (shin guards recommended for Mighty and Mega Kickers)

- T&C's - Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions BEFORE you enroll on a course - - Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

- One-time MEMBERSHIP FEE (Registration Fee) includes a Little Kickers uniform (shirt and shorts) and priority re-enrollment. Please continue to use the same account (Customer Reference number) for all future online enrollments in order to avoid paying the Registration Fee again.

- TAX RECEIPTS - Retain your enrolment confirmation and PayPal invoice for tax purposes.

WEATHER POLICY (Outdoor season):
WE PLAY RAIN OR SHINE! Please dress accordingly and judge playing in the rain to your own child's comfort level. Our coaches will make every effort to play unless:
A) There is thunder and/or lightning - classes will be delayed or cancelled. We can safely resume classes 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder. Decision is made field side at the coaches' discretion.
B) During heavy rainfall the coach may decide to delay classes by 15 minutes to see if the rain lightens at all.
C) If the humidex forecast is 40 degrees or above, we will notify you by email if we decide to cancel classes in your area.

1. ONLINE - by credit card when you ENROLL YOUR CHILD ONLINE (Please note payment will be processed via PayPal, but the PayPal account is not required).
2. PAYPAL INVOICE - can be paid by credit card once we have confirmed your child's enrollment
3.. PHONE - by Visa or Mastercard once we have confirmed your child's enrollment
4. INTERAC E-TRANSFER - to Little Kickers Milton at once we have confirmed your child's enrollment

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